Let us introduce you to our game-changing method that REALLY works!


Our 1-1-1 METHOD is a simple and effective approach to setting and maintaining three non-negotiable tasks or activities in your daily life for your well-being. These three tasks are divided into three categories: one that you do every day, one that you do every week, and one that you do every month.


The purpose of our 1-1-1 method is to prioritise and ensure consistent progress in three key areas of your life that are important to you. By identifying these non-negotiables and committing to them, you can make positive changes and achieve your goals in a sustainable manner.


Here's how you can use our 1-1-1 method in your everyday life:



Choose one task or activity you will commit to every day, no matter what. It could be something related to your health and fitness, such as exercising, reading, or even journaling. It's important to choose a realistic, manageable task, but also challenging enough to have a meaningful impact on your life.



Identify one task or activity you will commit to every week. This could be something related to your relationships, such as spending quality time with your loved ones, or something related to your professional development, such as learning a new skill or working on a passion project. The key is to choose a task that aligns with your values and long-term goals.



Choose one task or activity you will commit to every month. This could be something related to your self-care, such as getting a massage or taking a day off to relax, or something related to your community involvement, such as volunteering or giving back to a cause you care about. This task should be something that brings you joy and helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


To implement our 1-1-1 method, it's important to set clear goals for each non-negotiable task and track your progress regularly. You can create a checklist, use a habit tracker, or simply mark your calendar to keep yourself accountable. It's also important to be flexible and make adjustments as needed, but strive to maintain consistency in completing these non-negotiable tasks.


By incorporating our 1-1-1 method into your everyday life, you can:

- Raise your vibrations

- Establish healthy habits

- Make progress toward your goals

- Compliments you manifesting journey

- Maintain a balanced & fulfilling lifestyle

+ so much more!


Remember, consistency is key, and the small steps you take every day, week, and month can add up to significant positive changes in the long run.



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